A warm welcome to Renishaw Hall and Gardens.

Whether you are a first time or seasoned visitor, Renishaw Hall is a truly beautiful place to visit.

Renishaw has been in my family for nearly 400 years and generations of Sitwells have made their mark on the architecture, gardens and wider estate which comprise Renishaw and so much of what you see on your visit. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your time at Renishaw now it is under my care and still very much a family home.

We look forward to seeing you!

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The Sitwell Museum

The Sitwells and Museum at Renishaw Hall

The current owner of Renishaw is Alexandra Sitwell, daughter of the late Sir Reresby and Lady Sitwell. Her extraordinary family have lived at Renishaw for nearly 400 years.


The Sitwells have always been avid collectors and patrons of the arts and the history of the family is filled with writers, innovators and eccentrics.


Perhaps the most famed of the Sitwell family was the literary trio of Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell, who played a huge part in the artistic and literary world in the early part of the last century:
Dame Edith Sitwell (1887 – 1964) was a grandly eccentric poet and novelist, Sir Osbert Sitwell (1892-1969) wrote prose, poetry and also many short stories and novels and Sir Sacheverell Sitwell (1897-1988) was well known for his work on art, architecture, ballet and travel. Learn more about the Sitwells on a hall tour, with new specialist tours available throughout the season.


Take a step into the past and visit the Museum at Renishaw where you can discover the history of the Sitwell family who have lived at Renishaw Hall and Gardens for almost 400 years. Browse the displays of letters, books and artefacts from the archives and the family’s own private collection.


Look out for new additions to the Museum throughout the open season.


Private group visits are by appointment.