A warm welcome to Renishaw Hall and Gardens.

Whether you are a first time or seasoned visitor, Renishaw Hall is a truly beautiful place to visit.

Renishaw has been in my family for nearly 400 years and generations of Sitwells have made their mark on the architecture, gardens and wider estate which comprise Renishaw and so much of what you see on your visit. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your time at Renishaw now it is under my care and still very much a family home.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Grand Tour Artist at Renishaw Sept 2018

06 Sep Grand Tour Artist at Renishaw Sept 2018

On the 16th September, Renishaw will hold it’s last Grand Tour of the 2018 season.


The ‘Brothers in Art’ tour focuses on Osbert and ‘Sachie’, who were ‘Brothers in Art’ in many different ways – from their childhood journeys to Italy to becoming avant-garde leaders in the world of art and letters.

Alongside this tour there is also a brand new exhibition in the Museum, hosting contemporary art pieces and poetry inspired by the Sitwell family and its historic home, looking in to the legacy of the Sitwell’s patronage of the arts in the 20th century.

The artist for these art pieces will be in the Museum to talk about her work and influences, on Friday 16th September 1pm-2pm. She will then be joining the tour to talk about the Piper paintings, what she saw in them, and her plans to pursue her work on Piper further.


Join us for this special tour – pre-booking advised. 2pm. £15.50 Adult, £14.50 Concession.

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