A warm welcome to Renishaw Hall and Gardens.

Whether you are a first time or seasoned visitor, Renishaw Hall is a truly beautiful place to visit.

Renishaw has been in my family for nearly 400 years and generations of Sitwells have made their mark on the architecture, gardens and wider estate which comprise Renishaw and so much of what you see on your visit. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your time at Renishaw now it is under my care and still very much a family home.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Seat home

Explore the HHA Garden of the Year 2015….

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Discover Renishaw Hall on one of our guided tours…

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Sitwell Museum2
The Sitwell Museum

Take a step into the past and discover the history of the Sitwell family…

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What's on2
What’s On

Discover what is coming up at Renishaw Hall & Gardens…

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stables small
Stables Courtyard

Purchase a wide range of items from the shop or enjoy a drink at the cafe…

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26/09/11.  TODAY PHOTO...Volunteer Jane Travis, 32, helps with the start of the harvest today...One of Britain's most northerly vineyards has started its harvest three weeks earlier than ever before - ahead of many other vineyards in the south...Volunteers at Renishaw Hall Vineyard, near Chesterfield began picking Madeline Angevine grapes this morning and will all get a bottle of the estate's   sparkling wine for their trouble...Vineyard Manager Kieron Atkinson who also works with other vineyards in the south said:   "It's the earliest we've ever harvested here in the north, we may even be earlier than many southern vineyards..."The good weather this week means that sugar levels in the grapes rise one last time which is rare for this country at this time of year. .."This helps the grapes reach an ideal quality and should produce an excellent vintage..."The dry weather prevents any disease on the grapes making handling of the grapes in the winery a lot easier."..Renishaw also grow the Seyval Blanc variety of grape in their two acre vineyard. This together with the Madeline Angevine harvested today will be blended to make still and sparkling wines. Bottles can be purchased from the estate shop on via mail order online...All Rights Reserved - All Rights Reserved - F Stop Press  - T: +44 (0)1335 324700.Local copyright law applies to all print & online usage. Fees charged will comply with standard space rates and usage for that country, region or state.
The Vineyard

Find out about the vineyard planted by the late Sir Reresby…

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Visitor Centre & Plant Sales

After visiting the award winning gardens purchase plants you have seen…

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Sitwell Estates2
Sitwell Estates

After visiting the award winning gardens purchase plants you have seen…

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